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'I'm basically being paid to sit there and talk,' Mike said.

'If people want to pay me that much for cross-dressing and I can make this sort of money then I'm going to do it.'Mike described how he was 'reluctant' to try cross-dressing at first.

A second officer is seen to be a few feet behind her and following her as she walks toward Shipley with scissors still in her hand, Shipley begins to fire shots at her, and she turns her back causing her to be shot in both the front and back.

As Shipley is shooting, the second cop is still a few steps behind Tsingine but immediately jumps out of the way.

Getting up, Tsingine is seen to have been holding a scissors in her right hand, just before Shipley pushes her away from him.

As Tsingine gets up again, objects, which in the video look to be medicine bottles, fall out of her pocket.

Every night after work, Mike Turner, 24, ditches his tracksuit bottoms and transforms into sultry temptress Tara-Leigh, and spends up to six hours posing and preening for paying viewers from his bedroom at his grandmother's house in Swindon, Wiltshire.

'I was nervous but when I actually did it I liked it a lot,' he said.

'I looked in the mirror and thought, "Beyonce is in the room."'I felt different, I looked better and no one judged me for it.

Huyen said, she left Vietnam for Malaysia to work in the Esquel garment factory in the State of Penang when her child was just over a year old.

The child is now seven years old but Huyen has never returned home, even for a single time.

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The video obtained by the Navajo Times shows Shipley get out of his patrol unit, approach Tsingine, and try to arrest her.