Wpf binding in style not updating

Posted by / 04-Jan-2018 14:36

For the e-mail address, which we added to this example, we underline it, give it a blue color and change the mouse cursor, to make it behave like a hyperlink.There is no shortage of information out there on how to speed up the performance of WPF applications, but too often the focus is on the weird stuff instead of the simpler issues.I’m not going to talk about things like writing to to optimize drawing—it’s a topic covered to death elsewhere.Instead, this is meant to be a slightly more practical guide to squeezing performance out of WPF in ways that are probably more likely affecting you.

We use a bunch of Text Block controls to build each item, where we put part of the text in bold.

Blend-style behaviors also have their own set of lifetime problems.

Then there are some problems (like this and this) where WPF leaks for you too.

The data binding process happens automatically as soon as we assign the list to the Items Source property of the List View, but the result is a bit discouraging: Each user is represented by their type name in the List View. NET doesn't have a clue about how you want your data to be displayed, so it just calls the To String() method on each object and uses that to represent the item.

This is a much more user friendly display and will do just fine in some cases, but relying on a simple string is not that flexible.

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